SportsNet - April 2013

NFL Draft: First Round Has Plenty Of Beef, Just No Bite

on April 26 2013 1:48 AM

It’s never been the most scintillating form of entertainment. Despite all the talk and posturing and prognosticating that takes place in the months leading up to it, the NFL draft, the actual event itself, never quite lives up to its build-up.

Year in and year out, the pattern rarely changes. Fans, from cursory to creepy, get caught up in the fanfare to some degree. They hear the chit-chat about their teams’ needs, their teams’ drafting tendencies and their teams’ likely choices, all the while becoming that much more curious.

The anticipation mounts, knowingly or not – to some level, at least. Mock drafts get perused, read and re-read. Then the first round comes each April, and … it leaves you a little flat. If you happened to follow the proceedings at all, they just don’t seem to fulfill the appetite – even if your team picked the guy you wanted it to pick.

It’s like expecting a steak with all the trimmings and what you get is a plain hamburger, sans bun.

Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Gunners Have Started Talks To Sign Stevan Jovetic

on April 25 2013 8:42 PM
Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Gunners Have Started Talks To Sign Stevan Jovetic

Arsenal have started talks to sign classy Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic. Arsene Wenger is determined to build a credible title contender for next season and signing Jovetic is seemingly the first step.

Jovetic has been linked with a move to Arsenal for some time. This isn't the first time Arsenal talks have been mooted. Back in March, Metro suggested the Gunners had a deal in place.

However, fresh rumors of actual talks to conclude a deal have really gained momentum in the last two days.

NFL Draft: Eagles Have Plenty Of Options ... At QB And Beyond

on April 25 2013 1:16 PM

I’m in the minority, both at home and abroad.

Quarterback, to me, is not THE ISSUE for the local football franchise that plays at Lincoln Financial Field just up the road, nor is it for the 2013 NFL Draft, which begins tonight in New York City.

Oh, it’s been talked about, near and far, to the umpteenth degree for weeks, heck, for months – how the Eagles need a new one, a surefire, can’t-miss guy to run the show in new coach Chip Kelly’s offense for years to come, and how this year’s available choices are lacking, not only in that regard, but just in general.

I just don’t buy it, on either count.

Put it this way, the view here is that Philly doesn’t necessarily need a quarterback. That it’s fine if GM Howie Roseman opts to fill another spot with the No. 4 pick tonight, or if the Kelly/Roseman braintrust opts to pick a QB, too – because the pickings are pretty darn good … for any team.

2013 NFL Mock Draft Final Version

on April 25 2013 8:04 AM
2013 NFL Mock Draft Final Version


1. Kansas City ChiefsOT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M University

Reason: The Chiefs have done a solid job in rebuilding their team from the hiring of new head coach Andy Reid, acquiring quarterback Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers, and re-sign wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. With current left tackle Branden Albert currently on the trade block, protecting Smith's blindside becomes an immediate need.


2. Jacksonville JaguarsDE/OLB Dion Jordan, University of Oregon

Reason: The Jaguars have hired former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley as their new head coach. Based on Bradley's background and the Jaguars need for an upgrade to their pass rushing unit. It is rumored that the Jaguars are down to selecting one of two players with their selection and that Jordan is one of them.


3. Oakland RaidersQB Geno Smith, West Virginia University

2013 NFL Mock Draft (Picks 17-32)

on April 24 2013 11:04 PM

2013 NFL Mock Draft


With Harrison gone, the Steelers need a pass rusher. Jones had 14 sacks playing in the ultra-tough SEC. Jones fills Harrison’s spot with youth, and a big chip on his should, after being projected as a top 10 pick initially.


With an injury plagued running back corps, I think Dallas looks at Eddie Lacy here. Need trumps want for once in Dallas, and Reid is a top talent, that fills a huge need in the Dallas secondary.


Ogletree is a major playmaker with speed and instincts that played in the SEC successfully. He also has problems showing up on time. Fortunately, Tom Coughlin takes that as a challenge, and Coughlin’s 15-minite early rules help him mature.

Notre Dame

How do you replace a player of such talent intangibles and leadership as Brain Urlacher? You grab the defensive player with the highest Heisman showing in a decade. Chicago feels the media drama starting even as Te’o is announced.