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NFL Mock Draft: Luke Joeckel Leads The 2013 Draft Class

on April 24 2013 3:35 PM
NFL Mock Draft: Luke Joeckel Leads The 2013 Draft Class

The 2013 NFL draft takes place Thursday April 25 through Sunday April 28, 2013 from Radio City Music Hall in New York City—and unless you're the most extreme NFL fan, only the first round will be relevant. Two years from now we will we be reminded of a steal or two from this year's draft taken in between rounds 2-7 that actually panned out.
Keep in mind, the draft is more about need rather than the best individual talents. With that said all we can do is speculate who will go where.
Here are my top 10 NFL mock draft picks:.
(Come draft day, teams will trade up or down to fill needs—however, I have decided to keep my picks in the order they currently are to keep the process simple).

Bundesliga News: Bayern Munich Showed No Messi to Barcelona

on April 24 2013 10:51 AM



Bayern Munich massacred the used be invincible Barcelona in the epic first leg encounter at the Allianz Arena. Prior to the game, this was meant to be the main litmus test for the newly crowned Bundesliga champion, but the Bavarians were not stretched and showed the incredible form they have displayed since the start of the season. Goals from Thomas Muller who had a brace scoring in each half, Arjen Robben and Super Mario Gomez put the German in a very favourable position ahead of the second leg .the victory puts them on the brink of another .

Luis Suarez News: Liverpool Striker Is Banned For TEN Games!!!

on April 24 2013 10:14 AM

Serial gnasher, Luis Suarez has been banned for ten games by an independent FA panel today. The player has the right to appeal the ban, but he would thereby open himself up to the ban being increased, if it is deemed "flippant".
Suarez was found guilty of serious foul play by the FA, as the referee says that he did not see the incident properly. The procedure in such events is for a mandatory 3 games ban, but the FA has the right to contest the length of the ban if it deems it insufficient. The FA did exactly that and appealed the length of the ban, thereby instituting the independent FA panel which has a few moments ago banned him for and additional 7 games, making a total of 10 games ban. That means he will miss the rest of this season and the beginning of next season as well.
Suarez bit the upper arm of Chelsea defender Ivanovic during the match at the weekend between Chelsea and Liverpool. Whilst the referee maintains that he did not see the incident, the rest of the world was watching on their television sets. In the furore after the match, the FA promised to deal with the matter immediately, which they have done.

Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Arsene Wenger Targets Two Juventus Strikers

on April 24 2013 9:42 AM
Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Arsene Wenger Targets Two Juventus Strikers

Arsene Wenger seems serious about upgrading Arsenal's attacking options this summer. He is rumored to be targeting transfers for Juventus strikers Alessandro Matri and Fabio Quagliarella.

That's according to a report from website Wenger is said to have contacted Juve about the potential availability of both players this summer.

Arsenal haven't lacked goals this season, but they have been missing consistency in attack. There have been goal rushes, such as scoring five against Tottenham Hotspur, Reading and West Ham United.

The Gunners also hit seven against Newcastle United at the end of December. However, for every free-scoring display there have been games where Arsenal were inept in front of goal.

They failed to score in a 1-0 defeat away to Norwich City back in October. They also drew blanks against Everton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Swansea City and Schalke 04.

Manchester United Transfer News: Where Will Manchester United Spend Their £50m?

on April 24 2013 6:17 AM

As is always the case after winning the title, attention now turns to the transfer market, especially as it has been widely leaked that Manchester United will be making some major changes to their squad for next season. Sir Alex has always maintained that you cannot stand still in football; if you lose the title, you need to buy in the next transfer window, if you win the title; you need to buy in the next transfer window.

There have been a number of rumours knocking about in the last few weeks, but now we know that Manchester United will be making a net spend of around £50m. Of course, that will entail some players leaving as well, so that figure is a net spend. The obvious candidates to leave are Nani and Anderson. Nani should be worth around the £15-20m mark depending upon who comes in for him and Anderson will be lucky to manage £10m. Even so, that will free up another £30m or so for the coffers. With Paul Scholes definitely retiring this time around, that will also free up a midfield spot and the wages he was earning.