SportsNet - April 2013

Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona: Muller Shines As Bayern Put One Foot In The Champions League Final

on April 23 2013 4:53 PM

It’s an unfortunate rarity that two of the best sides in the world get to compete directly against each other, as Bayern Munich and Barcelona did in the Allianz Arena on Tuesday night, it is also a rarity that when those clashes do occur they are as one sided as this Champions League semi-final was. 

Bayern Munich News: Bayern Smash Barcelona 4-0 To Destroy The Myth In Champions League Semi-Final

on April 23 2013 4:49 PM

Bayern have succeeded in doing what has been threatened for some time now; that is to destroy the myth surrounding Barcelona and their Tic-a-tac football. Two goals from Muller, one from Robben and one from Gomez looks certain to have ended Barcelona`s Champions League hopes.
As usual Barcelona had all the decisions go their way, with a blatant handball in the first half that was seen by everybody except the fussy Hungarian official, which should have been a penalty. Any mere touch against a Barcelona player resulted in a foul against the Bayern players, but they soldiered on and won a great victory.
Late in the second half, Jordi Alba should have been sent off for throwing the ball into the face of Robben, but yet again, the Barcelona player was let off.
Messi was non-existent and it shows that he can be marked out of games by a decent defender. It is all very well knocking over third rate teams in La Liga, but when they met a decent German side that were not going to be intimidated, they crumbled and showed all the old Latin football attributes of diving and trying the get Bayern players booked, by feigning injuries and diving.

Manchester United Wins Their 20th English League Title: Are They The Best Team Of The English Premier League Era Or Simply The Most Consistent?

on April 23 2013 2:54 PM


            Manchester United defeated Aston Villa 3-0 Monday night to secure their record 20th English Football title, and 13th title in the English Premier League era. Since the Premier League's inception in 1993 just five teams have ever won the title, and other then United, no team has ever won it more then three times. This year they not only won it with four games to spare, but they also have a chance to break Chelsea’s record for most points in a single season. What make their success all the more astonishing, is that Sir Alex Ferguson has rebuilt his United side several times over their run of 13 league titles, with his current side winning their fifth title in the past seven years. With the great success that this current side is having, it is time to ask if this current Manchester United team is the best team ever in the Premier League era, or is it simply the most consistent.

Pro Gymnastics Takes On A New Challenge

on April 23 2013 12:59 PM

One of the “must see” sports every time the summer Olympics rolls around is women’s gymnastics. From Mary Lou Retton and Keri Strug to Gabrielle Douglas and Dominique Dawes, every four years produces a new darling of American sports marketing. However once the limelight fades and winter comes, many of those who compete in gymnastics go back to their training, or move on to coaching without a sustainable or viable opportunity to reach their fans and increase their professional value consistently. There are national and international championships, and for the best of the best, there is usually a tour, but for the most part, unlike sports like beach volleyball and even figure skating, gymnasts leave the sports scene until the Olympic rings come calling again.


FC Bayern Munich: Why The Bavarians Can Beat FC Barcelona

on April 23 2013 12:42 PM



Once again, Bayern Munich finds themselves caught in a match that many think should have been the final. Barcelona will likely prove a much tougher test than Juventus, and the Germans certainly have their work cut out for them as they try to tarnish the Catalan Footballing Dynasty known as FC Barcelona.

Neither side has an easy mountain to climb. Bayern Munich are currently playing some of the best football they ever have, and Barcelona have been pulling off miracle comebacks and wins all season long. Both teams are loaded with talent all over the pitch, and have world class players in various positions.

Some are tipping the Bavarians to come up on top, and others think the Catalans will pull through. Here are some reasons to believe that the Germans can go onto the final at Wembley.


Bayern Are Effective On The Counter-Attack