SportsNet - May 2013

Gareth Bale News: Bale Signs New Contract At Tottenham Hotspur!

on May 20 2013 10:23 AM

News has just emerged from the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club that Gareth Bale has signed a new contract extension that will see the player of the year`s wages soar to £150,000 a week. However, the downside for Spurs is that the condition attaching to the deal is that Bale will be allowed to leave next season for a minimum of £50m.

Fans at the club will heave a sigh of relief, but their joy may be short lived as this is the first time that Tottenham have given any indication that Bale would be allowed to leave at all. Yesterday`s results mean that Tottenham will miss out on Champions League football for the second year running, despite spending in the transfer markets last season. That was the cue for the media to speculate that Bale would leave the club and go to one that is in the Champions League next season.

Carlos Tevez Transfer News: Tevez Strongly Linked With Move To PSG or Juventus

on May 20 2013 4:52 AM

With most of the football matters now settled apart from the Champions League Final and the Championship Playoff Final, the media now turns its attention to the transfer market. Of course, the rumours rumble along all season in the background, but now it is time for them to take centre-stage. Most will be fantasy and invented by tired hacks that have column inches to fill, but those journalists who actually take the time to substantiate their claims will find that readers will take more interest in their articles.

All of which brings me to a past favourite; Carlos Tevez. The latest rumours have arisen because of the earlier rumour that Radamel Falcao has agreed to move to Manchester City for around £54m! If that is true, then it seems logical that Tevez will want out from City, as his appearances will be limited. However, if that is the case, where would he go?

The NBA West Conference Finals Not As Evenly Matched As People Think—Spurs in 5

on May 19 2013 8:07 PM
The NBA West Conference Finals Not As Evenly Matched As People Think—Spurs in 5

The Western Conference NBA finals got underway Sunday, May 19, between the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs.

Prior to Game 1 on Sunday, a lot of pundits believed the Grizzles will beat the Spurs to advance to the NBA finals.  Some have even gone as far as to predict the Western Conference finals will be an ugly slug-fest between the two teams.

Don’t get me wrong, the Memphis Grizzlies are a solid team, and have always played the San Antonio Spurs tough. They have the defensive player of the year in Marc Gasol, and have been holding teams to the lowest points total per game during the regular seasons (89.3). Also, the Grizzlies were allowing opponents to shoot just 43.5 percent—but this is the playoffs, and it will not happen against the Big bad Spurs (want proof go back to the Spurs Sundays 105-83 thrashing of the Grizzlies).  

Chicago Bears Rumors: Gabe Carimi Made Good Call By Skipping OTAs

on May 19 2013 3:42 PM
Chicago Bears Rumors: Gabe Carimi Made Good Call By Skipping OTAs


Nearly every member of the Chicago Bears is in Illinois this week for offseason training activities, but the focus has been on the one who isn’t: offensive lineman Gabe Carimi. The 2011 first-round pick is in Arizona, trying to get his perpetually injured right knee back to 100 percent.

Speculation has been heavy that Carimi is hurting his chances of staying on the roster by his conspicuous absence, but a report from the Chicago Sun-Times suggests otherwise. The paper notes that GM Phil Emery (during an interview on SiriusXM radio) said “we respect [Carimi’s decision]. And he’ll be welcomed back with open arms when he comes back.”

Emery’s comments bring a welcome sense of perspective to Carimi’s situation. Although a player missing OTAs can be a sign of friction between the individual and the team, there’s no indication that such a problem exists for the third-year lineman.

Promised Much, Delivered Little. A Familiar Feeling For The New York Knicks.

on May 19 2013 3:14 PM
Promised Much, Delivered Little. A Familiar Feeling For The New York Knicks.

At the end of it all, it was a feeling the New York basketball fans were all too familiar with.

In a season that promised much, the Knicks once again fell short of expectations and were eliminated from the Playoffs by the Indiana Pacers. Saturday's 106-99 loss meant a 4-2 series defeat and another season of underachievement. Despite winning their first playoff series since 2000, this year has left us with more questions than answers when it comes to the Knickerbockers ability to win a title.

This was a team built to 'Win now', filled with savvy veterans to compliment their All-NBA forward Carmelo Anthony. A title challenge was expected after a strong regular season, where they finished atop the Atlantic Division with a record of 54-28 and the number two seed in the Eastern Conference. This Knicks team had a different look about it than teams of the past. They had all bought into Mike Woodson's 'Team first' philosophy and most agreed that if anybody was going to dethrone the Miami Heat, it would be the Knicks.