SportsNet - May 2013

FC Barcelona Sign Neymar

on May 25 2013 10:47 PM
FC Barcelona Sign Neymar

FC Barcelona has officially confirmed it has reached a deal with Santos to sign Brazilian star Neymar, who will sign a five-year contract with the club on Monday.

The decision came a day after his Brazilian club, Santos FC, said it had accepted offers from Barcelona and Real Madrid, and that it was up to Neymar to decide where he wanted to play.

The forward himself also broke the news through his Instagram and Facebook accounts and revealed his appearance against Flamengo on Sunday would be his last for his boyhood club. "FC Barcelona and Santos have agreed to terms for Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. The Brazilian forward will don the Blaugrana strip for the next five seasons," a Barcelona statement read. “I wouldn't be able to wait until Monday. My friends and my family already know of my decision,'' Neymar wrote.``On Monday I will sign a contract with Barcelona.

The Vision for Trey Burke Off The Court

on May 25 2013 4:45 PM

Professional athletes are increasingly seeking out the right agents to help them develop their off the court brands. Those agents are not always the ones who are negotiating their team contracts. The most recent example of this emerging trend is NCAA Basketball National Player of the Year and Top NBA prospect, Trey Burke. Burke’s father, Benji Burke, of Infinite Sports Concepts, will handle Burke’s NBA team contract, but The Legacy Agency (“TLA”), a full service sports agency that has positioned itself as a leader in talent marketing,  will manage all of his off the court endeavors including marketing, endorsements, speaking engagements, and appearances.

Arsenal Transfer News: Gunners Will Break Wage Structure To Sign Top Stars

on May 25 2013 11:36 AM
Arsenal Transfer News: Gunners Will Break Wage Structure To Sign Top Stars

Arsenal are ready to break their long-standing and often controversial wage structure to secure transfers for top stars. That is according to a report from The Daily Mirror.

The report indicates the Gunners are now willing to offer wages above £150,000 per week. The hope is that it will tempt marquee names to join the North London outfit.

It is a bold move from Arsenal and one many may feel is long overdue. The wage policy manager Arsene Wenger once dubbed a "socialist model," has often been viewed as a hindrance.

Refusing to pay wages that are competitive with other top European clubs, has prohibited Arsenal from attracting star talents. It is not an unreasonable argument.

UEFA Champions League 2013 Final Countdown Is Here But, Is Soccer Football? Or Is Football Football, Who Owns The Name?

on May 25 2013 6:08 AM

 Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich in UEFA’s final. This match will culminate UEFA bringing the best of the best of soccer together to compete, but the big question still remains; who owns the name soccer / football, who owns the game.

The game is comprised of eleven players on one team and eleven players on the other team. Whoever has the ball is on the offense, the opposition team is on the defense. The offensive team is trying to score; the defensive team is trying to prevent the offensive team from scoring while also attempting to gain control of the ball, as part of their defensive strategy. When one team scores, the other team can gain possession of the ball.

The game is physical and requires quickness, agility, great footwork, strength and power. The game is played with referees in outdoor stadiums. What is the name of this game? If your answer is Soccer, you are correct. Did you answer football? You are correct. How about calling the game, Association football /soccer or NFL Football, you are again correct. How can each of these answers be correct? Who owns the name?

Finally Appointed, The Hard Work Starts Now For Gary Bowyer And Blackburn Rovers.

on May 24 2013 5:14 PM
Finally Appointed, The Hard Work Starts Now For Gary Bowyer And Blackburn Rovers.

It's taken them almost three years, but Venky's seem to have finally made a sensible decision.

The Indian owners have so far endured a number of catastrophes that have resulted in Blackburn Rovers currently languishing in the second-tier of English Football. It is not what was envisaged when they took over ownership of the club in November 2010. They have made a serious of bizarre decisions both on-and-off the pitch that have brought the club to it's knees and sent their beleaguered fans into despair.

So, with the announcement that Gary Bowyer has been given the Managers job on a permanent basis, does this signify a change in direction from the Poultry giants?