SportsNet - August 2013


on August 08 2013 3:26 PM

When Luis Suarez came to Anfield on the back of a 22 million pound transfer from Ajax much was expected from him.

On the field he did not disappoint. Despite limited playing time Suarez shone. Every time he touched the ball the footballing public leaned forward in anticipation.

His mesmerizing skills never failed to amaze and he hit the back of the net with regularity. Last season he was second only to Robin Van Persie in the scoring charts.

His off the field antics were however another matter altogether. From the Patrice Evra racial slur incident to the Ivanovich bite saga he courted controversy with every turn.

Suarez is now in the eye of the storm. Reason? His demand for a transfer from Liverpool to rivals Arsenal.

As is common with football players the world over, when the going was good Suarez sang lyrical of his desire to play for the Reds. That is before the parting of ways.

Indeed interestingly this is what Suarez said after the unsavoury Ivanovich incident: