AC Milan Signing Mario Balotelli is a Bad Investment and Desperate Move to Make Champions League

With the transfer window closing last Thursday, the biggest move in European football was the Mario Balotelli move to AC Milan from Manchester City. Mario Balotelli still had three years left on his contract with Manchester City, but the sale to AC Milan came as little surprise as the player had worn out his welcome in England. It is reported AC Milan signed the controversial striker to a four and a half year deal worth approximately £24 million. 

At 22, Balotelli scored 54 goals in six seasons in European football. He had his best season last year where he scored 13 goals for Manchester City to help them win the EPL title.

This year the undisciplined player wore out his welcome in Man City. Following a slew of off the field incidents, Balotelli spent most of the 2012-13 season on the bench. In fact, this season he only started seven games in the Premiership, and scored just once in a 2-0 win at Wigan.

The main reason Balotelli had not played much this year for City was because he is undisciplined—and this translated into strained relationships with teammates and manager.

A string of off-field misdemeanors during his time with Manchester City including setting off fireworks in his apartment last year; also his attempt to take Manchester City FC to a tribunal after the ball club imposed an 11-game suspension and fines stemming from off the field incidents last year. He later dropped the tribunal and accepted the team’s imposed £340,000 fine. A few days later he got into a fight with club manager Roberto Mancini during practice. This was the final straw that drove Manchester City to sell its controversial striker to AC Milan.

AC Milan figured by signing Balotelli, he will have an epiphany, amend his ways, do a 180-degree turnaround, and help the club qualify for the Champions League next year. Currently AC Milan is in 5 th place in Serie A. To qualify for the Champions League they will have to finish in the top 3 in Serie A.

Signing Balotelli Thursday was a desperation move by AC Milan. Milan is taking a big gamble with this signing.

Sure, we all heard Mario Balotelli grew up an AC Milan fan and no doubt wanted to play for them since he was a kid. However, they cannot forget what happen when he began his career back in Italy. He started his career at Inter Milan (AC Milan’s crosstown rival); while there he burned a lot of bridges and rubbed a lot of people the worry way. The guy is a “bad apple” and too much of a distraction. As Manager Roberto Mancini puts it, Balotelli is very talented and if he had the self-discipline and could get his act together, he could easily be one of the best footballers in the world.

I don’t believe that he will get his act together. I think this is too big of a risky for AC Milan and it will come back to hurt them. They are not going to qualify for the Champions League; instead the club will be cheated out of a £24 million investment because he will not give them a 100 percent effort—he is undisciplined, and it’s all about Mario. When the going gets tough he will once again ask to be traded—maybe this time to a team in La Liga because he has already burned his bridges in the Premiership. 

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