AFC Conference Championship Matchups: Michael Oher Leads Ravens Offensive Line vs. Wilfork, Ninkovich And Patriots Defensive Line

The match between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots features a heavyweight slugfest in the trenches. 321-pound mountain of a man, and Pro-Bowler, Vince Wilfork squares off with 315-pound right guard, and fellow Pro-Bowler, Marshall Yanda on Sunday. While it would be smart for Yanda and center Matt Birk to double team Wilfork, Yanda will get his one on ones as a top caliber guard. This will be a fight, as one immovable object takes on another immovable object. If Yanda can take Wilfork alone part of the time, it will open up doubles in other areas of attack for the Ravens. Baltimore’s offensive line is a powerful run-blocking unit, ranked 12th in yards per carry, but has shown deficiencies in pass protection, ranked 20th in the NFL with 38 sacks given up. The Patriots pass rush is tied with the Ravens for 15th in the NFL with 37 sacks, and may have a mismatch against a Ravens offensive line that has given up 6 sacks in two games this post season. Ravens tackles Michael Oher and Bryant McKinnie are veterans, but have struggled at times against first rate pass rushers. Defensive ends Rob Ninkovich and Chandler Jones will have their chances if Wilfork is tying up the inside, and Oher and McKinnie alone on the outside may be a weakness for the Ravens.