AFC Conference Championship Matchups: Patriots Offensive Line vs. Haloti Ngata And Ravens Defensive Line

The Patriots once again had a top tier offensive line, tied for 3rd fewest sacks with 27, and 14th in rushing yards per carry. The Patriots offensive line is a huge part of their success. Center Ryan Wendell is one of the leagues best run blockers, and tackles Nate Soldier and Sebastian Vollmer are excellent pass protectors. The Ravens are tied with the Patriots for 15th in sacks, but having Terrell Suggs back will improve a mediocre pass rush. Nose tackle Terrence Cody against Wendell will be an interesting match, Cody and defensive end/tackle Haloti Ngata will need to beat the double teams in the Patriots offensive line, and help Suggs create pressure on Tom Brady. Ngata had 51 tackles and 5 sacks, showing again his amazing disruptiveness and athleticism for a 300 pound man. Will linebacker Dannell Ellerbe is questionable, but expected to play, and the Ravens will be better with him, Ellerbe is quick and decisive in his attack on the run, and can pressure the quarterback with his speed. The Ravens defensive front seven has been its strength for the better part of a decade, and the Patriots offensive line is one of the best in the NFL. This war in the trenches is another strength on strength match, and will be worth watching, as the more dominant line may set the pace for the entire team.

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