The Kansas City Chiefs have never been a team known for their excessive winning. This season though has become one of puzzling despair. Although the 2012 Chiefs are record breakers.

The 1929 Buffalo Bisons have had their record erased from the books. Kansas City have not led a game in regulation time in all 8 games they have played this season, the Bisons record was in fact broken last week. Last night this Chiefs team extended the record when they went down 31-10 in San Diego.

Sitting on a 1-7 record the Chiefs scouting staff can already start looking at the top 5 picks in next years Draft, and fix the holes that have caused this season to be a right off at the halfway point.

The League only started in 1920, so we have a lot of history to fall back on, and in that time some awful teams. Recently the 0-16 Detroit Lions, the expansion Tampa Bay team who lost their first 26 outings. Hard to think the New Orleans Saints (this year excluded), once had trouble picking up wins in the 70's and early part of the 80's. All these teams had high moments of actually leading in games.

Kansas City can't point to a tough schedule, their opponents this year are a combined 27-23. The win came courtesy of overtime, and Ryan Succop's 6th field goal of the day. This after he tied it up at the end of normal play, with just 3 seconds left. Only other time they have been close at the end of a game was against Baltimore when the teams shared 5 field goals, Ravens winning out 9-6.

After the dreadful 2008 season (2-14), the Chiefs employed Todd Haley as Head Coach, and picked up quarterback Matt Cassel from New England, to help improve matters. Cassel had just completed a full season for the Patriots after the Chiefs had knocked Tom Brady out for the year in the season opener.

It wasn't until the 2010 season that things started to click. starting 3-0 they eventually wound up winning the West division title with a 10-6 record, before crashing to the Ravens 30-7. The corner had been turned. The offense was coached by former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss who was then tempted back into college football by Florida State, defensively it was Romeo Crenell formerly the playcaller in Cleveland, who helped turn this raggedy bunch into winners.

The future it seemed looked promising.

2011 opened with a 41-7 battering by Buffalo, and a humiliating 48-3 loss to Detroit. The season never recovered and with 3 games left, Haley was axed and Crenell was placed in charge as interim coach. The job being his officially during the off season. Weiss was replaced by offensive line coach Bill Muir, defensive resposibilities still rested with Crennel.

This season the offense has been coached by Brian Daboll, once of Cleveland, there seems to be a connection brewing here. Something which may be the root of all the Chiefs problems. These coaches couldn't get the job done in Cleveland, why do the Kansas City owners think it will be different here?

Of course without decent players its hard to pick up wins in the NFL. Kansas has the core group still in place from the decent 2010 campaign, Matt Cassel, receiver Dwayne Bowe, and running back Jamaal Charles are good fits on more than half the teams in the league.

Next Monday night they go to Pittsburgh, in search of their first lead and maybe their second win of the season. In doing so they will halt the record they have broken, and restore some pride, even if just a little, from the remainder of the season.