After Three Straight Wins, Trouble Still Looms For The Knicks

The Knicks are winners of three-straight games since former head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned and New Yorkers are smiling that their boys in blue and orange are back on the playoff hunt. 

Most blamed D'Antoni for the Knicks inconsistencies and lamented his inability to mesh his offensive system with the unique one-on-one talents of star forward Carmeo Anthony. As the story goes, Anthony was unhappy, D'Antoni was unhappy, and the Knicks sided with their star player. 

So if Carmelo Anthony is happy now, why is he still not performing? 

Anthony is averaging fewer points per game this season (20.7) than he ever has in his career and things are happening to him that were unfathomable a year ago. He is getting his shot blocked at the rim. He is missing layups. These are not issues that can be blamed on D'Antoni's system. 

New coach Mike Woodson made clear that during his regime, the offense will be about Anthony. More post-ups are coming. The Garden faithful will see far more isolations. His point totals in Woodson's first three games? 16,12,16. 

He didn't lead the Knicks in scoring in any of the three. 

This season has been a whirlwind of storylines for the New York Knicks. Between figuring out if D'Antoni is the right man to coach the Knicks (obviously he wasn't), what is wrong with Amar'e Stoudemire (jury's still out), and whether Jeremy Lin is for real (he is) nobody is asking the most important question. 

Why isn't Carmelo Anthony scoring?

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