Arizona Cardinals News: Kevin Kolb, Andy Reid Hope To Crank Up Peaches And Herb In The Desert

On Monday, Dec. 31 Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwell stated that the Cards were committed to Kevin Kolb into the new year.

"How do we see about Kevin and his performance and how we can turn him into the quarterback of the future here for the Cardinals and make that decision, if he is the right guy?" Bidwell told’s Keith Urban.

It’s not quite the soundest logic but then again, these are the Arizona Cardinals. They may have found the elixir to their offensive Kolb woes. Reportedly, the Cardinals are set to hire ex-Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid by the end of the week.

Time for Kolb and Reid to crank up the Peaches and Herb in Glendale as Reid's hiring would reunite him with the quarterback he drafted in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft. After assuming the Eagles starting job Kolb suffered a concussion in the season opener to Michael Vick and was traded to Arizona during the 2011 offseason. During the upcoming offseason, Kolb will likely have to restructure his five-year $63 million contract.

The money they save on Kolb’s new contract and switching to GEICO car insurance should be used to address their offensive line. Whether it was Kolb, Lindley or Skelton, standing behind the Cardinals offensive line was akin to spending 60 minutes as a Ford factory’s crash dummy. Reid’s first course of action should be to save Kolb from the weekly beating he took last season and provide him with a semblance of a rushing attack.

Kolb struggled with his accuracy at times but was fairly successful, throwing for eight touchdowns and three interceptions in his six starts. The Cardinals were 4-1 when Kolb suffered cartilage damage in his ribs during a game-tying fourth quarter drive.

His three replacements Skelton, Kolb and Brian Hoyer threw for a combined three touchdowns, 18 interceptions and were 1-9 after Week 6.

The Cardinals leading rusher last season LaRod Stephens-Howling is a 5’7 Darren Sproles-type scatback that is too frail to handle a workhorse load and Beanie Wells said he would spend Week 17 auditioning for 31 other teams. His casting call backfired as Whisenhunt benched him for the finale.

His second course of action should be retaining defensive coordinator Ray Horton, assuming the unlikely scenario in which the rising star of the coaching community doesn’t become one of Reid’s peers.

Reid spent 14 seasons in Philly where he guided the Philadelphia Eagles to one Super Bowl and five NFC Championship Games. His last one was a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. For Kolb's sake, he'd better hope Reid does what he neglected to do in Philly and beefs up his front line. Kolb has been hampered by injuries throughout his career and Reid has shown he does not abide by the creed that no quarterback can lose his job to injury. 

Reunions are nice but Cardinals organization will have to hold off on how good it feels until they can get a return on the investment they made in Kolb.