Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino deserved to be fired.

The reality is that if a professor at the university got caught having an affair with a consenting non-student adult and lied to his dean about it, his job status most likely would not change.

But Petrino isn't any professor, nor is he paid like one. In fact, one can argue that other than the school president - my guess is a quarter of the student body can't name him - Petrino is the school's most public figure.

Like it or not, he gets paid a lot of money to be held to higher standards than most of the school's employees. If the school president had an affair and tried to cover it up he would have lost his job, probably even faster than Petrino lost his.

My guess is Petrino's marriage to the Razorbacks isn't the only relationship that's going to end badly from this mess. His mistress was scheduled to be married in June and Petrino is married with four children.

It's sort of ironic the motorcycle accident that caused this fallout happened on April 1. In the end, it didn't fool anyone ... and there is only one fool.

It's too bad Petrino wasn't the President of the United States. If he was, he'd still have his job.