Arsenal Commentary: Stevan Jovetic Can Be Arsenal's New Dennis Bergkamp

Signing Stevan Jovetic can give Arsenal their new Dennis Bergkamp. Like the Dutchman did in 1995, Jovetic can raise Arsenal's profile and improve the style of their football.

Arsenal have lost a host of stars since they moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. However, no loss has been felt more than Bergkamp's.

He was the creative-minded forward who made Wenger's vision of fluid, expansive attacking football a reality. Arsenal still play neat, passing football, but haven't flowed with the same dynamism since they lost Bergkamp's technical majesty.

Wenger has often spoken of the "quick combinations" that are a feature of the playing style he favors. These exchanges of quick passes, dovetailed with clever movement, are the heart of so-called "Wengerball."

The crucial part of the process is the link between the midfield and forward lines. Historically Wenger has relied on a hybrid attacking midfielder/supporting striker to maintain the integrity of that link.

There was none better in that position than Bergkamp. Since the cerebral Dutchman's retirement in 2006, Wenger has tried to mold any player possessing similar qualities into this vital role.

He gradually managed to shape Cesc Fabregas into something like Bergkamp. By the 2009 season, Fabregas was less a true central midfielder and more a de facto No.10.

However, even that couldn't produce the same magic Arsenal delivered when Bergkamp played the passes. That's why Arsenal are so keen on Jovetic.

Wenger loves technically gifted players who drop and drift into the pockets of space behind strikers and ahead of the deeper midfield areas. At heart Jovetic is exactly that kind of player.

He's been compared to Robin van Persie, but the 23-year-old shares more similarities with Arsenal's true Dutch legend.

The most obvious one is that Jovetic is not an outright central striker. He is most effective taking up that ghost position, just off the main strikers, a la Bergkamp.

He can drift wide or drop deep, anywhere that will help him add a flourish to an attack. He does that via cultured passing in advanced areas.

Jovetic spots runs all around him and has the technical savvy to release players via clever link play. Those same attributes could be used to describe Bergkamp to someone never fortunate enough to see him play.

They are the perfect qualities for the "quick combinations" Wenger is fond of. Signing Jovetic won't give Arsenal a 30-goals a season talisman to make fans forget about arch-defector van Persie.

Instead Jovetic will give the Gunners a fulcrum for their forward play. His instinct for what's around him and skill to thread passes through any gaps will make every other Arsenal attacker more prolific.

It's the way it was with Bergkamp. Whenever he collected the ball, players made their runs in-behind the defense. They were so confident Bergkamp would find those runs.

Jovetic can exert that same influence on today's squad. His speed of thought and natural quality will dictate improved off the ball movement from Arsenal's other strikers.

Theo Walcott has scored 20 this season. Imagine what he would be capable of with a more consistent supply from a supporting technician like Jovetic.

Jovetic and Walcott could form a dynamic similar to the rapport Bergkamp enjoyed with Freddie Ljungberg. That netted Arsenal a clutch of crucial goals over the years.

Adding Jovetic to the forward line would also give Arsenal one more natural maestro in possession. Combining Jovetic's talents with those of Santi Cazorla would give Arsenal a dual-threat creative force few opponents would be able to stifle.

Jovetic's combination play with Cazorla would also establish that vital link between the midfield and forward lines, the vital artery that is the life source of Wenger's vision for free-flowing football.

Some may balk at the idea of Wenger paying in excess of £20 million for any one player. However, the moment is ripe for that level of investment.

The Gunners are freeing themselves from the financial shackles that have been binding since they moved stadiums in 2006. They also need to make a bold statement in the transfer market to ensure they keep their place among England's elite.

Arsenal are in danger of drifting. Their permanent residence in top four limbo can't last much longer.

What any club mired in transition needs is a boost, some major impact to add credibility to its squad. Arsenal signing Jovetic would be a move few could ignore or easily dismiss.

It was the same with Bergkamp. When Arsenal snared him from Inter Milan in 1995, they had slid into mid-table mediocrity. It was a coup that instantly boosted the image of the club and transformed the style of play.

In the same way, Jovetic can be Bergkamp Mark II for the present-day Arsenal.

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