Arsenal News: Alex Song Never Wanted To Leave Arsenal

Barcelona's latest signing Alex Song has admitted that he never wanted to leave Arsenal. Song made the move to Barcelona earlier this month for a reported fee of £15m. The Cameroon International has laid his frustration at Arsenal for not coming to a concrete decision about his contract talks.

Song was looking forward for a long-term deal with the Gunners which would have allowed the player to be at Emirates. The player insisted the club kept on postponing when he spoke regarding the extension of contract.

Earlier Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had suggested the Cameroon International had expressed his desire to move to Spain. However Song suggested all he wanted was a new long-term deal at Emirates.

"I woke up and read those things in the paper and was really surprised and disappointed. I love Arsenal, I never wanted to leave" Song told The Sun.

"I was ready to commit my future to the club. All I wanted were talks about a new contract but each time we were due to sit down, the club postponed it. I was fobbed off. I wanted a new five-year contract at Arsenal. In the end I got one at Barcelona"

"I had been trying for eight months to start talking about a new long-term deal but the club kept postponing me all the time, saying 'You have three years left'. I hadn't talked about money, I just wanted to sit down and discuss a new deal. I wanted to commit my career to the club I loved" Song said

"Then out of the blue, Barcelona came in for me. And, suddenly, I was wanted by the biggest club in the world and they wanted to give me a five-year deal"

Song's latest confession could create a matter of worry between few Arsenal fans. Arsenal has already lost their start striker Robin Van Persie who moved to their league rivals Manchester United in the current transfer window. Arsenal has come under pressure in the last few seasons for not holding their key player to stay at the club. Just need to wait and watch to see what Wenger has to say about Song's confession.

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