Arsenal News: Gervinho Good But Not Good Enough

Arsenal have been playing the best football this season. They look to be back to their old ways of the invincible era. Not only are they back to their slick style of play but they are beginning to defend like Sol Campbell and Lauren are back in the team.

Gervinho has played a role in Arsenal’s good form too. Wenger’s utilised him on the flanks and through the middle. Some of the Ivorian’s finishes have been world class. However one still gets the sense that he himself isn’t the finished article. One can almost guarantee that many Gooners will tell you that he’s the next Didier Drogba. But Drogba didn’t miss as many chances as Gervinho.

The Ivorian isn’t a natural striker, I know. But when Wenger plays him in front of number nines such as Giroud, you get the sense that he wants him to be. Wenger likes a versatile player but I’m afraid Gervinho isn’t in that category. Gervinho is a wide forward. Not like Ashley Young or but like Luis Suarez. Wenger needs to stop playing him down the middle.

Gervinho has obviously scored goals whilst playing down the middle but when a forward plays in a team that makes lots of chances, he’s bound to score a few. However he has missed far too many clear cut chances to be considered as a number nine. Some of his misses are calamitous and truly appalling. Unless he starts to up his conversion rate, Gervinho isn’t going to be considered as a first team player nor is he going to be thought of as a world class player.