This Arsenal team is so strange. It's almost completely opposite of last year's squad.

Southampton came to the Emirates Stadium and was absolutely thrashed 6-1 by Arsenal. The Saints' only goal was handed to them on a silver platter thanks to a Wojciech Szczesny brain fart. He tried to clear the ball, but only managed to move it a couple feet right into the path of Daniel Fox who scored into a wide open net. Fortunately for Arsenal, that was easily the worst moment of the day.

The other 10 men on the pitch were much better. Per Mertesacker and Thomas Vermaelen were rock solid in defense, and the two came extremely close to scoring on several occasions. Kieran Gibbs was mainly responsible for two goals, even though they were ruled as Southampton own goals. Carl Jenkinson held his own today.

The Gunners' newest members in Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla were the two best players on the pitch. Everytime Cazorla had the ball, it felt like something good was about to happen. As for Podolski, his curling free kick into the left-hand corner of the net was a work of art. It was a microcosm of his day. Perfect.

Even Gervinho and his two goals impressed. His decision making was great today and it was so unlike himself. For Arsenal to be a true contender for the Premier League title, he has to play like that more often. 

Now Arsenal will travel to Montpellier for its first Champions League match on Tuesday. The team will likely be exploding with confidence for that matchup so we can expect good things to happen. Perhaps Olivier Giroud will score his first goal against his former team? Let's hope so!