Arsenal News: A New 'Song' For Barcelona?

Various media outlets report that Barcelona have expressed their interest in signing Aex Song who plays his football at Arsenal. Some magician, who goes by the name of Andres Iniesta, has approved of the quality Song could add to the mighty Barcelona side.

Iniesta believes Song has been in the reckoning for a while now and it comes as no surprise that he is being linked to Barcelona. In simple terms, he believes Song is good enough to play in this Barcelona team where positions on the pitch fall short of accomodating the talent they have on their books. But coming from Iniesta, it is high praise indeed. Praise also came from another Barcelona player, albeit a less famous but a decorated one. Sergio Busquets remarked that another player in his position would be welcome. He went on to praise Song for being a strong midfielder with good technical abilities.

The love for Song is sudden, almost too sudden for Arsenal fans to digest. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Barcelona have sought other options before reaching out to song. Barcelona are without Seydou Keita now, who is off to China, making truckloads of money and their inquiry for Javi Martinez of Athletic Bilbao came a cropper. Secondly, Arsenal seem to have got their act together in the transfer market this year. Signings like Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud signal their intent. And selling Song, a player who has been reliable for the most part would be a backward step.

Arsenal camp are less than impressed with Song's attitude on the matter of interest shown by clubs such as Barcelona. They want Song to show some gratitude for it is at Arsenal that Song has established himself as a solid enforcer in midfield. Signed as a teenager from Bastia for a paltry sum, Wenger has mouled him into a player that Barcelona crave today.

Song would do well to consider staying at Arsenal, the club where he has made a name for himself. A certain Aleksander Hleb comes to mind. Flirtations in transfer market may be excused and even allowed by some clubs. But the likelihood of getting a starting spot at Barcelona may prove a little difficult, even for Song.

Arsenal fans should not get nervous about Song's potential exit. It looks like the young man realises that Arsenal have turned him into a good footballer and considering his age and lack of playing time he would get at Barcelona, Song would most likely sing the same old tune. Also, there is little matter of mismatched valuations and Wenger would certainly not want to sell Song on the cheap, for it has been one rule he has religiously followed. Even if your stars want to leave, make sure you keep the money.