Finally, we can relax.

Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief now that Arsenal has sold its top goal scorer from last season in Robin van Persie to Manchester United. Arsenal will get £24 million pounds and United has the marquee signing it has been looking for all summer. It will now be a serious threat to knock off Manchester City for the Premier League title. But Arsenal got the better deal, and here's why.

Van Persie is 29 and has been prone to injuries his whole career. His 37 total goals last season was his best output by far and it is doubtful he will be able to replicate that total in the future. Yes, United will have another world-class player but it remains to be seen whether he can work with Wayne Rooney without hiccups. However, it's possible Rooney could move to central midfield when van Persie is also on the pitch. He will be a good player, but the truth is that van Persie's prime is moving into his rear-view mirror.

It was quite obvious the Dutch striker didn't want to be at the Emirates Stadium next season after he and his agent released a statement in July criticizing Arsenal's ambition. That essentially guaranteed his departure because he wouldn't possibly be able to return without hatred from the fans. This was the most sensible move for the club because its universe doesn't revolve around one single player. Head coach Arsene Wenger has done a good job getting players who don't want to be a part of the club out, and buying players like Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla who actually want to help bring success to Arsenal.

So now that Wenger has a very large chunk of change to play around with, he will be able to continue his excellent 2012 summer in terms of transfers. Rennes midfielder Yann M'Vila is a strong possibility to move to north London, and Robert Lewandowski would be a strong replacement at the striker position. Or, if Wenger wants to splurge, Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain would be a nice, although pricey addition. 

This was a good deal for both sides, but for Arsenal, many doors have opened to many more possibilities. The future still looks bright, and fans of the cannon will most likely have more arrivals to the club to look forward to. 


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