Walcott Walking?

Many rumours have been surrounding Arsenals No. 1 winger recently, linking him to moving to three clubs, simply because he didn't immediately put pen to paper on a new contract at the Emirates. Walcott is pushing for a new contract of around £100,000 a week. While he may be a good player, he is still young; if he is expecting this now, what happens in years to come?


The papers have been reporting that newly-promoted Southampton is in for the Newbury-born Right Winger, and are eager for him to join their squad. Walcott joined from Southampton in 2006 at the age of 16, and although returning to his former club would be an enjoyable experience for him, surely it would be seen as a step-backwards in his career, almost as though he was not good enough for the top-four, and so conceeded and went home. Which, of course, is not the case. I highly doubt Walcott will leave for Southampton at this stage in his career.


The rumours suggesting that Walcott wants to become a scouser, are infact, highly in-evidenced, and based profoundly on him supporting Liverpool from when he was a boy. If an offer arises, he may wish to make such a change, but no such offer has been made from Liverpool as of yet. While not exactly a bad team, Liverpool have certainly left their glory days behind them, finishing behind their Mersey side rivals Everton last season. Walcott would have a greater chance of winning trophies with the Gunners.

Inter Milan.

Sky Sports Italia today reported that Inter Milan are eager to acquire the 23-year-old winger from North London. Yet again, while not a bad team, Inter are only playing Europa League football next year, as opposed to the Champions League football Arsenal will be playing.

All this suggests that Walcott is likely to stay at the Emirates, and is most likely just pushing the talks to negotiate the best possible deal.

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