This summer has been like a 100-meter sprint for Arsenal. The London club shot out of the gates quickly and kept up its torrid pace. But towards the finish line, it tripped and fell hilariously on its face. This summer's transfer window has been just like that, except it hasn't been funny for those who support the cannon.

After singing Santi Cazorla from Malaga earlier in August, conditions looked perfect for head coach Arsene Wenger to add yet another quality signing. But over three weeks later, nothing has materialized other than Robin van Persie and Alex Song leaving the club along with Nicklas Bendtner and Ju Young Park being loaned out to other clubs. And for supporters of the club, that is a huge disappointment.

What was shaping up to be an excellent summer for Arsenal ended with us wondering what in the world happened. Like a movie that ends suddenly and unsatisfactory, it left us wishing for more. One has to wonder if van Persie was right to criticize the ambition of the club; it took two steps forward and then took three steps back. After that it did nothing and then accepted what happened.

Yes, Jack Wilshere will be coming back after being injured in the summer of 2011. Perhaps Wenger is putting all of his cards on Wilshere giving the team the same kind of boost a new signing would provide. Maybe he truly believes this squad can compete for titles, but knows it needs time to gel? Or could it be that this team doesn't actually need more new blood and our own high expectations let us down?

What would make this situation a little bit easier to take is if majority owner Stan Kroenke came out to make a statement about what his visions for the club are. He is the one person fans want to hear speak. No one wants to hear Ivan Gazidis insist the club has ambition to win multiple titles. He's said it many times before, and besides, it's easy to talk about winning. It's much more difficult to actually do it. But if Kroenke doesn't come out of the shadows, public resentment towards him will grow. There might come a time when supporters get so upset that there will be Blackburn-esque demonstrations outside Emirates Stadium calling for a new owner. Let's hope that never happens.

With Arsenal standing pat, the only thing Gooners have to look forward to is a date with Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday. Only a couple goals and the first win of the season will be able to silence the restless grumbling.