Arsenal team news; Gervinho's back.


The cry that hit the Emirates yesterday as Arsenal's number 27 hammered home his second goal of the game, raising the question; RVP who?. Last season, Gervhino was very much a fringe player at the club, not getting enough game time, either because he wasn't needed, or his skill has improved massively over this summer, because for the past 6 games, the Ivorian striker has been on the form of his life. The game against Southampton is just an example, his skill and quick thinking, combined with his strength both on and off the ball is truly an exciting prospect for Arsenal this season, and I see him making massive impact on the pitch.

Maybe this is a case of the classic "one of the best player's left, now is my time to step up" or maybe its because of all the game time the young forward is acquiring, but one thing is for sure, Gervhino will not be losing his first team place for a while yet.

At the start of the season the media was very much doom&gloom about Arsenal, thinking that because RVP left then that would be the end, at one point relegation was suggested. But what they, and everyone else has forgotten, is that Arsenal is and always was a team, and no player is bigger than the club. The Gunners have done as well, if not better, without RVP, and the re-emergence of Gervinho is just one example.

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