Arsenal Transfer News: 5 Players Wenger Should Sign In January

Arsenal has been having a pretty hard time. Their summer transfer? None of them show the kind of quality Wenger wants to see in them. Their 5 recent matches end with Draw (1-1 v everton) Draw ( 0-0 v Aston Villa) Win (2-0 v Montpellier) Win (5-2 v Tottenham Hotspurs) and draw (3-3 v Fulham). They still dont have what it takes to score and to defend well. The 3-3 Draw against Fulham is a prove how fragile their defense is, I’m not blaming the goalkeeper but their defense. Before their match against Arsenal, Fulham 5 recent matches is Draw (2-2 v Everton) Draw (3-3 v Reading) Win (1-0 v Aston Villa) Draw (2-2 v Southampton) And lose (2-1 v Man City).

The teams who earns a draw against them is Everton, Reading, Southampton, none of the are Champion League participants, the only Champions League participant, Manchester City, and they won against them. The harsh way to say this is, “Are you a team Everton, Aston Villa, Southampton Calibre? Or Man City? Are you title contenders or Europa league chaser?”. Luckily, their attack  is still a thread for others, but a goaless draw against Aston Villa and a goal against Everton? That will be pretty unacceptable for a team like Arsenal, one of the big fours.

Now, lets say they don’t have the best time against Everton or Aston Villa, or we can’t judge them just like that. I agree, but now lets see, IF there are players who could help Arsenal back to the title race and bring out the best of them, who would they be? With the problems looming on Arsenal, with Theo Walcott and Bacary Sagna is not on their 2013 calendar, the goalkeeper problem, the not-so-satisfying attack and in need of a creative midfielder to help Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta and Ramsey, who would they be?  I have a list of 5 players who could really help Arsenal get out of this slump.

First, let’s take a look at the goalkeeper problem. Arsenal is rumoured to be pursuing Pepe Reina’s signature, is he the right guy for Arsenal? The goals scored against Liverpool is 18 goals, and for Arsenal is 14 goals; Liverpool is 12th while Arsenal is 7th. I don’t know is it a good idea to buy the keeper from the team which has more GA (Goal against) than your own team? For me it is not. Well, we can’t compare it that way but we got to admit it, Pepe Reina performance has been unimpressive this far. My suggestion would be, Thibaut Courtois. The 20 years old goalkeeper which is loaned out to Atletico Madrid from Chelsea this season has helped Atletico Madrid placed as the runner-up position in La Liga. Besides,  Atletico Madrid has only 11 goals scored against them, the third fewest team with goal against them in La Liga after Malaga (9) and Real Madrid (10). Courtois suits Arsenal perfectly and his good decision making is just what Arsenal need to be under their post.

Second, the right-back. Looking at the Arsenal calender issue where there is no Sagna and Walcott, it could be a sign that Arsenal is not sure if they will be a part of them in 2013. And for now the suitable right-back for Arsenal is, Lukasz Piszczek. The 27-year-old full back is now considered as a top class right back. Wanted by Real Madrid, known as one of the best team in the world, and made Cristiano Ronaldo suffer while Real Madrid faced Borussia Dortmund in Champions league is just a sign of what this guy capables of. But, this guy has an achilles heel, his performance is inconsistent. Sometimes he will play very good and sometimes he will just be an average player, but no doubt he always gives the best of him, 4 assists and 1 goal for Dortmund is a proof of how good he is.

Third, the creative brain. It seems like Arsenal has got plenty of good midfielders, but they still need that one man to bring them together and link the pass into anyone. And, who would that guy be? My choice goes to,  Thiago Alcantara. Not being a major part in Tito’s era, unlike in the Pep’s era will make this guy think twice to reject any enquiries from any *big* clubs, especially, Arsenal. Known as the british Barcelona with the same style of play, it will make it a bit easier for him to adapt there. And with spaniards help like Cazorla and Arteta at his service will make his job not so hard to really clicked on Arsenal style of play. Well, they might be not Iniesta nor Xavi but you still can’t count them as a not-so-good-player, in fact they are good. So, young, wide vision, amazing pace and dribbling ability, what’s not to love?

Fourth, Walcott replacement. With the rumours of Walcott’s departures, Arsenal need to move real quick to find someone to fill his empty spot. Zaha is already in talks with Arsenal, but is Zaha alone enough? He plays for Crystal Palace and have very few experience against those teams with good defenders or teams with A-class defender, they need someone who understand how to play in a big stage. For me, it sounds like  Isco. Play for a mediocre team, but now counted as a big thread to any teams in La Liga or in Europe. His performance has been astonishing, he is a flash-type just like walcott who loves speed, he also has Good dribbling quality and good determination. He could play in all positions that Walcott usually play at and his skill is not that far away from Walcott, he even might be on the same level with Walcott. So what are you waiting for, Monsieur Wenger?

Last, the goal scorer. Arsenal is rumoured to be pursuing Klaas Jan-Huntelaar signature, but I dont think he will do any better than Giroud. Huntelaar is a target man type, just like Giroud. And in the recent years, the target man type of strikers isn’t that useful for Arsenal, for example Bendtner and Chamakh. Looking at Arsenal style of play while Van Persie was still there is so entertaining, know why? Because Van Persie isn’t waiting on the front line for the pass, instead he will go until the middle part of the field to grab the ball and bring it upfront, either with dribble or pass. Arsenal need a Poacher kind of striker, the ones who actively go after the ball. And for that, my choice goes to, Edin Dzeko. Being as a super-sub is not enough for him. That’s not  what he wants. Watching the match from the bench, then subbed in if the team needs him, no. He wants to be a starting line up player, an mportant part for a team. And Arsenal could give him that. Dzeko is a good player with good way of holding the ball, good in the air, good shot, and decent dribbling, he could be the solution of Arsenal goal drought crisis.

But Huntelaar and Strootman, which is rumored will arrived in mirates stadium this winter aren’t B-class players either, they might give a big impact if Wenger really decides to sign them, let’s just wait and see will Arsenal got their christmas present? Or will santa walk past them because they haven’t been a good boy this far? Its worth the wait.