Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

At 19-years old, Chamberlain is an extremely young member of the Gunners, but is also relatively in-experienced. Yet I believe this bright young spark has more than enough in both skill and potential to become one of Arsenals top players (along with Jack Wilshire, Mikel Arteta, etc).

For one, his skill and determination on the ball is simply incredible, as we've seen in recent England international matches, he has the bravery and skill to go forcing his way through even the smallest of holes, but what in reality it turns out to be the Achilles heel in the opposition's defence.

The ability to see these gaps and opportunities is a rare gift that not all footballers possess. For example, people often refer to Arsenal as a one man team, (due to Robin Van Persie scoring the majority of their goals) but it simply comes down to their specific areas of expertise. Van Persie happens to be an excellent finisher, however, he would not have got half of his goals without the great set-ups from his team around him.

The Ox's ability off the ball is quite advanced for a player of his young age. He is one of those players that will constantly try to make himself available to whomever is on the ball. If it is in midfield, he will move out and try to create space for an attacking pass, if they are on the back foot, he will be there for a pass or make a decent tackle to help out the defence.

The only real problem with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlains football is that he simply doesn't get enough time on the pitch. I hope that Wenger takes more advantage of this young mans potential next season, when he is on the pitch, Arsenal get a whole new surge of energy, the play quickens, more pressure is put on the opponents and sometimes this approach works. However, sometimes it doesn't. But whichever way you look at it, the Ox getting more pitch time next season would only benefit Arsenal.

Arsene Knows Best.

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