Finally, it looks like despite themselves, Arsenal will make a major signing this week as it was revealed that Gonzalo Higuain is set to be Wenger`s first signing this summer. What looked like becoming this summer`s transfer saga, it is now clear that Arsenal are the club which is making moves to sign the player at a fee acceptable to Real Madrid.

Earlier, it was thought that perennial transfer movers and shakers, Juventus, had clinched a deal to pinch the player right from under the noses of Arsenal. However, in a new twist last night, it seems that Real Madrid have turned down an offer from Juventus of around £18m, after telling them that it was not a realistic amount for a player of Higuain`s standing.

Real president Florentino Perez was quoted last week as saying that the Gunners shouldn't bother if they were planning on offering 'only' £25.5m for the 25-year-old. However, sources close to Arsenal have aid that Wenger will start the bidding at around £22m.

Higuain is currently on a deal at Real Madrid worth around £130,000 a week, so it is well within Arsenal`s salary regime for a top player like Higuain. The usual posturing and stances will be made by Real Madrid, but this looks like a deal which will happen, maybe as soon as this week, with the player wanting the move.

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