Arsenal appear to have several players they are targeting this summer, according to the British press.

Here is a look at some of the names that have surfaced recently.

Salamon Rondon

The press has been going wild recently over the news that Arsenal is interested in Malaga striker, Salamon Rondon. After an extremely successful season, Rondon has caught the eyes of many international clubs including Newcastle UTD, but he is thought to be estimated at around the £20,000,000 mark and many don't see Arsenal paying that fee. This will just be one of those rumours that flutters past us like a butterfly in the wind.

Seydou Doumbia

Although much speculation has occurred, this likely won't amount to anything, simply because he has expressed no interest in Arsenal, and reports are coming in that he is keen on a move to Napoli. Doumbia also wouldn't fit into Arsenal football the way Lukas Podolski is likely to. There is no doubt he is a good player, but at £26,000,000, is he really good enough for Arsenal? The answer is no.

Olivier Giroud

Well known Arsenal target Giroud is now attracting the attention of the rather wealthy Spanish club Malaga, who are looking for a replacement for striker Ruud Van Nistleroy, and if Arsene Wenger wants Giroud, I think we may be drawn into a bidding war. However, one thing that cannot be stressed enough is that all these 'striker rumours' depend on the outcome of the increasingly complicated Van Persie saga.

Robin Van Persie.

Van Persie is the name on every Arsenal fans minds but will he stay, will he go? I believe he will indeed be pulling on the red and white jersey next season for one reason alone.

Loyalty: For many years, Arsenal stuck by the injury-prone Dutchman and never contemplated selling him. However, Arsene Wenger stuck by him, because he knew Robin Van Persie is a decent player and he can recognize potential. Arsenal stuck by Van Persie in his time of weakness, and the Arsenal captain will likely do the same, even after the worst season of Arsene Wenger's tenure.

Bradley Gabr Ryn. Follow me on Twitter: @bgrs_Arsenal