Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Gunners Prepare £15 Million Move For Nani

Arsenal are prepared to offer £15 million for Manchester United castoff Nani, according to reports in The Daily Star. The Portugal international would be an interesting addition to Arsenal's forward line.

Many believe Gunners boss Arsene Wenger will upgrade his attack with a new central striker. The likes of Stevan Jovetic, Gonzalo Higuain and even Wayne Rooney have all been linked.

However, Wenger could also revamp Arsenal's forward line by adding extra pace and creativity in wide areas. That would explain the interest in Nani.

The temperamental Red Devils winger possesses the quickness and trickery to be a game-changer. At least he does when he is at his best.

A common complaint against Nani is his inconsistency. His work rate has not always been high, so his overall performances have not matched his talent.

That would understandably worry sections of Arsenal's support. There is also the concern that Wenger has often indulged temperamental players during his time at Arsenal. Samir Nasri, Andrei Arshavin and Denilson were often accused of failing to work hard consistently.

If Sir Alex Ferguson couldn't make it work with Nani, not many will believe Wenger can succeed where he failed. However, it is too easy to paint Wenger as a soft touch, compared to Ferguson's no-nonsense approach.

Ferguson often motivated and controlled players through fear and exhortation. Nani's struggles could be simply because he didn't respond to this approach.

Wenger, by contrast to Ferguson, has often been portrayed as a father-figure. He has sought to inspire confidence in players through positive reinforcement.

This could work wonders with Nani, who is very much a confidence player. Wenger could also offer the 26-year-old regular first-team football.

He has rarely had that luxury with United. He has the technique, passing quality and eye for goal that would suit Wenger's brand of expansive football.

Using Nani to provide true width on the left, could create more supply for Olivier Giroud. Nani's pace would also complement right-sided forward Theo Walcott.

Their combined speed would be a major boost to Arsenal's counter-attacking threat. With Nani on one side and Walcott on the other, there could be greater fluidity between Arsenal's midfield and attack.

Walcott and Nani could switch wings. Whenever Walcott drifted into the middle, Nani could take his position on the right. Santi Cazorla would then shift from the middle to drift onto the left.

Wenger's tutelage could also improve Nani's goal-scoring threat. He has never really made the most of his attacking potential.

Despite possessing a powerful shot with either foot and quality in the box, Nani has never been prolific. Wenger encourages greater level of movement from his wide players.

In Arsenal's style of play and with regular games, Nani would be expected to push for 15 goals. This is not the first time Wenger and the Gunners have expressed an interest in Nani.

Back in Decemeber, The Daily Mail claimed Wenger was keen on securing a winter deal. However, despite Wenger's mooted interest, there are still reasons to be negative about this rumor.

Nani has never really firmly established himself as a major force at club or international level. He has been at United since 2007 and the Red Devils still use the word "potential" when describing him.

Potential in a player who will turn 27 during the new season, does not really inspire confidence. Nani should be the finished product by now and it is easy to wonder if he ever will be.

He is certainly a showman on the pitch. But while the tricks look good on highlights videos, there have been plenty of games where Nani simply has not delivered.

He has been a part of four English Premier League-winning squads. His comfort with the English game and trophy winning experience, would make Nani a good addition to Arsenal.

However, the club would still be counting on Wenger to refine his game and further his development, in a season where many are expecting established stars.