Arsene Wenger is ready to add extra creativity to Arsenal's midfield, with a summer move for Jordy Clasie. That's according to reports in Metro, that claim Wenger wants Clasie to form a midfield tandem with Jack Wilshere.

The Feyenoord youngster has been dubbed the "Dutch Xavi," thanks to his superior technique and passing accuracy. At 21, Clasie is a rising star and fits the mould of a classic Wenger acquisition.

As a stylish, central midfield schemer. Clasie is confident and accomplished in possession. Most importantly, for any playmaker, Clasie's first touch and control are both excellent.

He is able to control the flow of a game and rarely misses a pass in central areas. Like Wilshere, Clasie is also very adept at performing the quick pass and move game. Once he distributes the ball, he immediately makes a move into space to receive the return.

Arsenal's possession passing has declined in quality and consistency during the last two seasons. Since the departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, Arsenal have lacked passers with confidence and technical acumen.

As a result the Gunners don't move the ball as quickly as they should in Wenger's system of football. Too many times midfielders in possession hesitate before releasing a pass, or require two or more touches to establish control of the ball.

Clasie can combine speed of thought with precise execution. That's the blend Wenger needs in his ball-playing midfield. Pairing Wilshere with Clasie would give a revamped Arsenal team the passing quality to maintain possession for longer periods.

This would help offer better protection for Arsenal's defence. They would also be able to move away from relying on a single playmaker. Clasie would supplement the creativity offered by Santi Cazorla, allowing Arsenal to create more chances per game.

Signing Clasie would represent something of a coup for Wenger. It would prove he can still convince promising young talents to join Arsenal, despite the Gunners recent decline.