Arsenal fans will have been choking on their toast, faced with the beaming smile of Robin Van Persie wearing the wrong shirt. Combine this with the news that Song has gone, possibly followed by Theo Walcott and you surely have a club in terminal decline?

Last season, Wenger did not believe that Nasri would abandon ship and in so doing, learned a valuable lesson in human nature.

The last-minute forays into the transfer market, were remarkably successful, given that it was a paupers' lucky dip.

Arteta is proving creative and solid in midfield, with Mertesacker showing signs that he has adapted to the pace of the Premiership.

Wenger did not want Van Persie to go but as soon as he dragged his heels over a new contract, the writing was on the wall.

Rock bands on tour, will tell the fans in Chicago that they are louder, crazier and more loveable than the fans in Boston; let's face it, footballers are no different.

The days of one player, one club are over, unless of course that club happens pays the highest wages.

The loss of Van Persie, Song and Walcott is not a fatal blow, as Wenger has planned for all eventualities this time.

He has replaced one talented, injury prone striker with two quality attackers in Giroud and Podolski.

Alex Song performed well last year but is he a defensive midfielder with an attacking heart, or an attacking midfielder, who is better at defending?

Nuri Sahin and Yan M'Vila seem to be popular candidates for the Song role. Sahin seems less attractive to me, only because he would vanish back to Madrid in a puff of smoke if he set the Premier League alight. M'Vila, on the other hand is 22, a future superstar and could be part of the team's spine.

Either, would be splendid.

Walcott offer the Gunners pace and thrust but Oxlade-Chamberlain is more deserving of a regular place and has shown determination and vision.

The Arsenal board have issued a statement of intent in signing Cazorla and must ensure that Wenger has the financial muscle to guarantee a top four finish.

More important than obsessing over the loss of individuals, is the value in having a squad with sufficient depth to cope with the next injury crisis and the marathon that is the Premier League.

Gooners will be hoping that the economics graduate has a striker and a defender on his list as well as a defensive midfielder.

Arsène knows has until 31st August to do his shopping but this time he may have the platinum card.