The Spanish paper "Marca" reported on August 15th that Arsenal are still on course to sign Athletico Bilbao's striker Fernando Llorente. Following mass interest from the premier league, Bilbao slapped a rather hefty price tag of £28,000,000 on the experienced target man.

Following the news of Robin van Persie's departure from the Emirates, (for a fee of £24million) Llorente could be his perfect replacement.

Llorente has requested a transfer after spending 8seasons in the first team at Bilbao, yet still getting no closer to any notable honours or indeed Champions League football.

Over the past four seasons Llorente has scored over 90 goals in all competitions and 30 goals last season alone.

The 6"5 Spaniard looks to be the perfect replacement for ex-Arsenal van Persie, and although the hefty price tag has been set, if Wenger see's potential, he won't just let it be. At the same time however, it must be said that Wenger spending this amount of money on a single player would simply be laughable, he is likely to try and drag the price down either by waiting it out or by part-exchange. This Summer seems to be Wenger's summer for wheeling and dealing, having snapped up three world-class players for just £36,000,000, just £6,000,000 more than Chelsea handed over for Eden Hazard.

Arsenal's style of football would appear to suit Llorente perfectly, the fluid and stylish passing method, leaving the target man or men to finish off the team effort, after all, a Striker is nothing if the ball cannot get to him.

Fernando Llorente would be perfect, if it wasn't all about the money. But that's something we all just have to face now-a-days, playing the beautiul game for the love of the game has simply disappeared, money and personal reputation have taken over.

As a very wise man once said, "play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they'll remember the name on the back" - Tony Adams.


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