Reports flood in (from reliable sources) that Arsenal have their eye on Malaga midfielder Isco, who is dubbed to be the "new Cesc Fabregas". The 20-year-old from Malaga is valued at just over £8 million, and is placed on the transfer list to ease the club's financial crisis. Isco could be set to follow former team mate Santi Cazorla to North London in the near future.

Caught Offside reports that Arsene Wenger has admired the young player for a while now, and would love to see him added to the newly improved Arsenal side which now boasts such players as Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla.

Malaga set out with a major shopping list last summer, spending masses of money under the new Qatari owners, they have been rewarded with a place in the Champions League, but their monster budget is now causing the club monster problems, and so they must try to gather some of the well-spent money back.

Isco made 32 appearances for Malaga last season, who placed fourth in La Liga, and would truly be a creditable addition to the Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger looks set to place a bid for the promising young player, supposedly to "re-enforce" in case Alex Song moves to La Liga BBVA this summer.

Manchester United also appear to be interested in the young AM, but nothing has come to light as yet.