Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

After the shock release of van Persies statement some weeks ago, declaring his desire to leave Arsenal, rumours have been spun left right and centre about the fate of the 29-year-old Dutch Striker. At the present moment, Manchester United appear to be strongest contenders for van Persies signature.

Days ago it was reported that Sir Alex Ferguson had personally contacted Arsenal Football Club to request them to accept his offer for van Persie, and it is becoming more and more likely than van Persie will end up with United. United has become his only other option now since the withdrawal of both Juventus and Manchester City.

It has to be said though, the only reason van Persie had such a successful season last year, was due to the players around him and the style of football they play. Compare van Persie at Arsenal, to van Persie with Holland (at Euro 2012) and the difference is clear. He looked terribly off-form, but that was due to the style of football more than anything else. If RVP was to go anywhere other than Barcelona, then his game would truly suffer.

There has been one widely "ignored" point throughout all of the speculation is that Manchester United remain one of Arsenal's biggest rivals, with no sale occurring from one to the other for over 20 years, and with Arsenal strengthening their squad to become title-contenders, why would Arsene Wenger then help strengthen one of the strongest title contenders in England? It seems to be totally implausible, but the Barclays Premier League is no ordinary place.

I'm almost certain that RVP will remain an Arsenal player until at least January.

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