Arsenal vs. Manchester United Analysis And News: Dreadful Refereeing Decisions Cost Arsenal Victory At The Emirates

On a weekend when refereeing hit an all-time low point, we saw what is possibly one of the worst and one-sided refereeing performances of all time. Mike Dean should not be allowed to referee a kiddie’s football five-a-side, let alone a major match in the Premiership. There will be some Arsenal fans who might want to check Mr Dean`s bank account after today’s debacle.

First of all, he sends off Laurent Koscielny after he had allowed play to continue using the advantage rule. He then gives a penalty award for the original offence? Anyone watching last weekend’s matches will have seen at least two incidents where the referee let play go on even after a foul because the team in possession had the advantage. On both occasions, the team in possession did not score, but the referee did not bring the play back to the original offence. Where is the consistency?

After today, Dean will be given the freedom of Manchester, at least the blue part, for his consistently biased decisions. I am not an Arsenal Fan, so I do not have any conflict of interest, but in the name of fairness, why is it that Dean blew every time any Arsenal player went anywhere near a City player, yet allowed a procession of fouls the other way round?

All we ask for is some consistency in the decision, but what we got was the usual Dean narcissistic show. He has to be the centre of attention and most of the time it is due to rank bad decisions. Dean must decide before the match that he is going to side with one team and then proceed to give them all the decisions.

Thankfully, I will be watching Athletico Madrid later and watching guaranteed fair refereeing decisions. La Liga may well have its problems with constant stoppages, but at least their officials are not either so grossly biased, or desperately poor.

The FA really needs to investigate some of the performances of Mr Myopic Dean.

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