Why Arsenal DOESN'T need Robin van Persie.

With the announcement of van Persie's arrival at Manchester United, you only have to go on facebook to see that Arsenal fans are hurt at the blatant betrayal committed by van Persie. The ex-Arsenal man, who only last year, spoke out quite publicly that he "has will never move to another English team" has vowed to spend the rest of his footballing career at Old Trafford.

Being the first player since 1987 to make the move to Old Trafford from Arsenal, this has understandably caused some upset with Arsenal fans.

Losing a good player is never a good thing, but this seems to be becoming a trend at The Emirates and Highbury alike, and has been labelled "the captains curse" as every Captain since Patrick Viera has left Arsenal via transfer to another club. 

But with Thomas Vermaelen being announced as Captain on August 17th, the curse will look to be broken, as earlier in 2012 Vermaelen said he sees no reason not to spend the rest of his career with the Gunners.

There is no doubt, in anyone's mind, that van Persie is a world-class player, but No player is bigger than the club. Better players have left (Fabregas, Henry) and Arsenal have survived; retaining a respectable league position and retaining Champions League football. But at the end of the day, all this means nothing without silverware.

As you will be aware, the last trophy Arsenal won was in the FA cup, 7 years ago. But this season, is the season that the Gunners will be returned to their rightful place atop the Premier League.

All this talk about the Manchester clubs, and Chelsea and even Spurs, saying that they will be in contention for silverware. But one club has been forgotten. The one club that does not boast £30million signings. But as always, it will be the quiet ones that cause the most damage.

Arsene Wenger is a man of technical ability, he is a great judge of talent, and will seize a player before they reach their "golden years" - much un-like many managers, Mancini and Fergusson to name but a few. Although this strategy has been the butt of many jokes, this year it will pay off, Wenger, combining youth, premise and experience in one team. This is what will make them successful.