From recent performances, it is clear that the current Arsenal team simply isn’t up to the standards that the fans, and indeed the footballing world expects.

Even after  the transfer dealings of Wenger in the summer, it appears that it is still not enough... I know as well as anyone out there that it is still early days, but surely we should be witness to something more than the simply mediocre performance of recent games.

This begs the question, what is needed? It all lies in Arsenal’s defence. In January this is the area that Arsene seriously needs to work on. You can argue that the back four have been plagued by all manner of disruptions, (Sagna and Gibbs injured), however, even with the defence at full fitness, the gunners continue to throw away leads. Which, for a team of their calibre, is just not okay. 

It was hoped that Steve Bould would help improve Arsenal’s defence (after so many successful years with the Gunners) however it has not happened, and they continue to make so many errors still.

When it comes to the January transfer window, Wenger needs to look at acquiring experienced players, as opposed to the young prospects he continues to mould.

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