Arsene Wenger claims his side are no longer dependent on one single player as was the case last season. Former captain, Robin van Persie scored 37 goals last season, helping the Gunners to a 3rd place finish.

This season however, the goals have been more spread out as Wenger could have four league goalscorers in double figures for the first time in his reign as manager.

“At the moment I feel we can score from many positions and I prefer that, personally. We have many players who can score – (Theo) Walcott can score, (Olivier) Giroud can score, (Santi) Cazorla can score, (Lukas) Podolski can score, I think (Jack) Wilshere will score as well, so we have many.

"We have scored more goals than last year and last year our efficiency was always depending on Van Persie and I always worried about the day Van Persie gets injured.”

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