Aston Villa vs Stoke City Match Preview/Players To Watch: Peter Crouch And Christian Bentke

An  interesting match to watch this weekend in the EPL is the showdown between Aston Villa and Stoke City, although four out of the last five matches between these two sides have ended in a stalemate, they were by no means dull.

Villa will have a certain air of confidence about them as they walk onto the pitch, having remained unbeaten in their last three games.  Their last game finished 1-1 against Queens Park Rangers.

Paul Lambert (villa’s skipper) has not tried to hide his confidence ahead of the Villans EPL game, and has encouraged his team to put in 100% in order to claim a decent result at home.

Players to watch:

Aston Villa's Benteke:

In my oppinion, Benteke will be the star man of this match. The 22-year-old Belgian has certainly made his mark on the Villans this season, and no doubt he will prove to be just as deadly this weekend. With three goals and two assists in his last 12 league appearances, I would put money on him being the first goal scorer of the game. Although I would by no means forget my next player to watch;

Stoke City's Crouch:

Peter Crouch - undoubtedly known and loved by many- has not been anywhere near the top of his game recently, and will be looking to secure a few more goals for his tally, but whether or not the 32-year-old will be able to deliver the goods remains to be seen. As with many players, when he's good, he's really good, but when he's bad, he's not really worth a second glance. 

The match should pan out to be extremely entertaining, and without a doubt worth the watch.

Although both sides are very evenly matched, based on their recent performances I think that Aston Villa will clench the win this time, and the game will finish 2-1.