John Harbaugh has twice been penalized this season for self-described “enthusiasm” from the sideline. Considering the Ravens overall propensity in 2012 for racking up the penalties, Harbaugh's energetic interaction with the officials has come under some fire in Baltimore. If a coach lacks discipline, how can he harness in overly “enthusiastic” actions by his players?


In a conversation with 105.7 the FAN's Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn, the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson spoke of the fine line a coach walks. A coach is responsible for maintaining control on the sidelines, but at the same time, a coach has to be himself.


Harbaugh is fiery, like his brother Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Fransisco 49ers, and his energy and intensity are certainly a part of this team's identity. However, the coach himself admits that he has to avoid costing his team yards.


On Wednesday, Harbaugh spoke to the press on the issue of Ravens' penalties.


It’s two [things],” Harbaugh told reporters, “It’s talking about it, but it’s also doing it in practice, and we’ve done that with the pre-snap penalties. The pre-snap penalties have been cleaned up. We have to continue building on that.”


He addressed his own responsibility as well.


Obviously, the coach, don’t get one on the sideline,” Harbaugh continued, “That’s my own issue. I’m quite certain we can get that corrected.”


The feisty coach, who is popular among his players, also added, “I put a couple of players in charge during the game to keep an eye on me. I’m sure they’ll be happy to do that.”