According to Ravens insider J Michael of CSN Baltimore, Baltimore Ravens insider Ray Lewis is set to retire following the NFL playoffs after 17 seasons. Lewis, who is set to return to the Ravens lineup after tearing his triceps in Week 6 aginst the Dallas Cowboys, has told teammates that "This will be my last ride". Lewis also cited his ability to walk away from the game without injuries that will hamper his post-NFL career.

Lewis, whose son is commited to play for his alma mater at the University of Miami said that one of his primary reasons for retiring after the season is his devotion to being a father to Ray Lewis III.

"The game will fade but being a man will never fade. ... I've ran my course with this" Lewis told the media.

Ray Lewis' triceps are 100% healthy, however and he will participate in the Ravens Wild Card matchup at home against the Indianapolis Colts.

Lewis will retire as a two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, 13-time Pro Bowl invitee and as arguably one of the greatest team leaders in NFL history.

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