Wednesday's Champion's League clash between European giants F.C. Barcelona and A.C. Milan brought some controversy to the table due to the poor condition of the pitch.

To anyone who saw the match, it was obvious that from the start the field was in a horrendous condition as Barcelona players were slipping and sliding all over, losing their footing, and having trouble controlling the ball and connecting passes.

For Barcelona, a club that prides its strategy on ball possession, the quality of the pitch was very problematic. Barcelona stated that the two clubs came to an agreement prior to the match for Milan to introduce the field in optimum conditions on game day, but it seems as though the Italian club failed to coincide.

This, in turn, prompted the Catalan club to issue a formal complaint to UEFA. It remains to be seen whether or not UEFA takes any action.

One thing is for certain, Barcelona's playing style was interrupted by the field's condition and Milan has been known this season for presenting their pitch in abysmal conditions against "passing sides."

The return leg will be played next Tuesday at Camp Nou.

There is no doubt the field will be in immaculate condition.