Barcelona Transfer News: Pep Guardiola Wanted To Sell Gerard Pique, David Villa, Dani Alves and Cesc Fabregas


FIFA agent Francois Gallardo has revealed that former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola would have stayed to Camp Nou if the club had agreed to sell Gerard Pique, David Villa, Dani Alves and Cesc Fabregas.

Guardiola signed Fabregas from Arsenal during 2011 summer transfer window and was looking to sell the player just after a year as the former Blaugrana coach was disappointed with former Arsenal skipper’s performance.

 The Spanish International ended his four-year term with the Spanish Giants in May saying he is exhausted and required time to charge his batteries. The coach wanted to the sale of quartet which was not granted by the club’s President Sandro Rosell who saw those four players as untouchable.  

"Guardiola announced his terms of renewal to Rosell. Among them was the sale of four players - Alves, Pique, Cesc and David Villa" Gallardo said.

"Pep did not seem committed to Fabregas, Gerard and Dani, while the reasons for Villa leaving were sporting. He was especially disappointed in Cesc as a person, as he had refused to shake his hand when he signed. These players were regarded as untouchable, and the fans would not have accepted the sale" FIFA agent went on to add.

With the sale of quartet during the summer persuade Guardiola to continue as the Blaugrana coach or did he actually leave the club because he was really exhausted. Gallardo’s revelation has raised a lot of questions where the club’s current manager and Guardiola's successor, Tito Vilanova and clubs’ president Rosell needs to answer.

With the Pique, Villa, Alves and Fabregas in the current squad under the guidance of new manager Vilanova, Barcelona are enjoying on the top of the standing continuing their unbeaten run to their league campaign.