There is no way anyone can confidently say who the best passer in the World is. However a top 5 is possible to produce. The one thing that makes all of the following players great is their vision. It sets apart the average midfielders and the truly great playmakers.


He's been a vital part of Spain's three successive major tournament wins. Some say they've been the best international to grace the world of football. He's also been one of Barcelona's best players over the clubs very successful period under Pep Guardiola. He's iconic to the beautiful game as everyone knows his qualities. Critics seem to give him a tag that he's too old now and can't produce a level of football that Iniesta produces. But there are dozens of players that are older than Xavi and still producing quality football. His game might have dropped slightly but he's still one of the best players in the World.


Just like Xavi, Iniesta has been a mainstay in both Spain's and Barcelona's successful periods. They've created a partnership in midfield that is unrivalled at all levels. Iniesta is at the peak of his career and doesn't look like dropping his quality anytime soon. He's more attack minded than Xavi which allows him to grab more assists than Xavi. Not many people can choose between the two which complements both players. Everyone would love to be on par with Iniesta or Xavi.  

Paul Scholes

He was dearly missed when he retired at the end of United's 19th title winning season. But when he returned in January, his impact was second to none. At the age of 37 Scholes is playing like a 21-year-old. He had a very successful win percentage since his return to Old Trafford and it showed a player like Scholes is irreplaceable. Perhaps at his age you can't compare him to Iniesta and Xavi but he's still got the substance to control every game in the World's most difficult league.

Mesut Ozil

He was an unknown quantity whilst at Werder Bremen but the 2010 South Africa World Cup gave him the chance to secure the dream move to Madrid. Since moving to Spain, he's been one of the best midfielders in La Liga and he's rivalled Barcelona's illustrious duo. It's a shame he couldn't perform to a higher standard at the Euros but there's no denying his quality whilst on the ball. His vision is up there with the best and he supports this with sheer creativity. He's probably the best German passer for over 20 years.

Andrea Pirlo

For his whole career Pirlo has controlled games and delivered on the big stage. But for some reason the football media only started picking up on this since he turned out for Italy at Euro 2012. They started coming out with clichés such as "time stands still for Pirlo" which just showed how ignorant the media can be to foreign leagues. He was the main reason why Juventus went a whole season unbeaten as he controlled every game. He is one of the best passers to have graced the game but people need to remember he's been doing it his whole career.

Notable Mentions

Wayne Rooney has everything in his game. He can pass like Scholes and some say as he gets older, he'll move to a central midfield position. However he doesn't possess the genius that the top 5 hold. Steven Gerrard is idolised by Liverpool fans and Euro 2012 showed what a great passer he is. But he doesn't pass like that week-in-week-out. Xabi Alonso can pass to a very high standard but he's always over shadowed by compatriots Xavi and Iniesta. Bastian Schweinsteiger is said to be on par with Ozil by some pundits. However when push comes to shove, he doesn't produce the goods.