Wembley would be experiencing the German Machine, German Efficiency and all German finals on the 25th May. Last night signalled the end of an era for the Spaniard clubs and witnessed the beginning of another dynasty in the football world. Bayern Munich eliminated Barcelona in a humiliating fashion – 3 goals from Arjen Robben, own goal by Gerrad Pique, and Thomas Muller ensured that the Bavarian qualified with 7-0 aggregate.Barcelona started off dominating as is their usually style, but their attack looked anything but sharp without their maestro Lionel Messi. The first half end in stalemate and it was safe to say that the Germans were 45 minutes away from the glorious Wembley show down.

The second half commenced with Bayern showing with every intention that they have arrived. The German captain Phillip Lahm was very busy running up the flanks without shelving his responsibility at the rear – Robben of cause was the beneficiary. As the time was gradually wounding down, Barcelona decided to increase the intensity of their attack, a moved that showed some glimpse of hope. Pedro’s attempt was pushed out by Manuel Neur, subsequent attempts by Xaxi and Adriano could not yield the desired result.

Early the half however Robben placed the ball into the far corner passed Victor Valdes, a goal that effectively terminated any chances of the Spaniards coming back. Wembley was now in sight for the German League leaders - Bastian Schweinsteiger was removed for Luiz Gustavo. Bayern were now playing calmly and with so much ease now, but at that point they were still desiring more, Frank Ribery’s cross was met by Gerad Pique thus resulting into an own goal. Barcelona fate was now nail and their was virtual no way out. More miseries awaited the Spanish Champions as another Frank Ribery‘s cross from the tight angle was met by Thomas Muller who headed into the top right corner for his 3 goal in the 2 legs. The stage is now set for the epic all German finals. There will be a dress rehearsal this weekend and both finalists would be playing in one of their league games. The final will be the 4th time in 13 years that teams from the same league will be reach the finals – the previous being ;Real Madrid vs. Valencia -2000, AC Milan vs. Juventus -2003, Manchester United vs. Chelsea -2008


Oba Adeola Amokomowo

IB Times Bundesliga Contributor

Twitter - @ amoky