Bayern have succeeded in doing what has been threatened for some time now; that is to destroy the myth surrounding Barcelona and their Tic-a-tac football. Two goals from Muller, one from Robben and one from Gomez looks certain to have ended Barcelona`s Champions League hopes.
As usual Barcelona had all the decisions go their way, with a blatant handball in the first half that was seen by everybody except the fussy Hungarian official, which should have been a penalty. Any mere touch against a Barcelona player resulted in a foul against the Bayern players, but they soldiered on and won a great victory.
Late in the second half, Jordi Alba should have been sent off for throwing the ball into the face of Robben, but yet again, the Barcelona player was let off.
Messi was non-existent and it shows that he can be marked out of games by a decent defender. It is all very well knocking over third rate teams in La Liga, but when they met a decent German side that were not going to be intimidated, they crumbled and showed all the old Latin football attributes of diving and trying the get Bayern players booked, by feigning injuries and diving.
Tonight has been a victory, not only for Bayern Munich, but for clean football. The officials still need to look at themselves for continually giving decisions to Barcelona and it is hoped that a more impartial official can be found for the return in the Nou Camp. You can rest assured that every dirty trick in the book will be used by Barcelona in the return, but it is unlikely that a great warrior team like Bayern will be bothered by that.
All that is needed tomorrow is for Dortmund to beat Real Madrid for an all German final at Wembley in a few weeks time.