Big East

Big East Needs to Put on Its Big-Boy Pants

on October 12 2012 3:13 PM
Big East Needs to Put on Its Big-Boy Pants

With all the recent upheaval, change and confusion wreaking havoc on its core, uncertainty and saving-face have reigned in the Big East’s decision-making process the last couple years.

At some point, though, the powers that be, especially new commish Mike Aresco, need to settle in and say, enough; enough with the wishy-washy commitments, enough with others telling us what we can and cannot do, enough with member schools dictating movements that strictly benefit their own motives and are not best for the conference.

OK, so the Naval Academy being offered and accepting a bid to join was part of the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants salvation plan, and any delays or hiccups with its arrival on the scene probably should be accepted.

But the almost indignant, “don’t bother us until we’re good and ready” response by the Midshipmen in the past couple days to the Big East’s request to push up their 2015 entry … well, that’s a big much.