Boston Celtics - Brooklyn Nets Brawl Aftermath: Top 5 Rajon Rondo Rage Moments

The Boston Celtics' point guard Rajon Rondo is like Mr. Fantastic. He has long arms, long legs and loads of talent. He also has a short temper and has been known to stick his head into altercations on the court, thus getting himself into unnecessary trouble. His latest episode came Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets and this time he was ejected. So in honor of his latest tantrum, let's look back at his five greatest moments of madness on the hardwood.

5. Rondo Eavesdrops On Heat - Like a stubborn fly that never goes away no matter how many times you swat at it, Rondo was just as annoying during a timeout in a game against the Miami Heat. Despite being pushed back a couple times by both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, Rondo kept trying to invade the team's huddle and looked much like a zombie while doing it. Ray Allen had to pull him away eventually. Rondo didn't get into any trouble, but it was still memorable.

4. Rondo Throws Ball At Referee - Back in February, Rondo's temper boiled over because of a non-call during a visit to the Detroit Pistons and it caused him to throw the ball at a referee. The funny thing about this incident isn't necessarily Rondo being upset, rather the referee never even flinching when the ball hit him. It was as if that kind of thing happened all the time to him. Rondo's rage earned him a 2-game suspension.

3. Rondo Shoves DeMarcus Cousins - If Kevin Garnett gets fouled hard, you can bet on Rondo having his back.This time Boston was playing in Sacramento when the Kings' big man DeMarcus Cousins fouled Garnett so hard he fell to the floor. Rondo runs over and gives Run DMC a massive shove into then head coach Paul Westphal. The reason this wasn't the brightest idea on Double R's part is that (1), it was right in front of the Kings's bench, and (2), DMC is almost seven feet tall and 270 pounds with a fiery hot temper. Needless to say, Mr. Rondo was slapped with a technical foul.

2. Rondo Bumps Referee - The man in green lost his mind during the Celtics' Game 1 playoff matchup with the Atlanta Hawks last season. As the time was running out, Rondo didn't like a decision made by one of the referees. He ends up getting into the ref's face and making angry hand movements. A moment later he bumped into the back of the ref, who didn't miss a beat and tossed No. 6. Granted, if you watch the video it looks like Rondo tripped over a fallen teammate and his momentum carried him into the ref. But why was he so close to the official in the first place?

1. Rondo Starts Fight Against Brooklyn - The former Kentucky Wildcat channeled a little bit of the "2004 Ron Artest at the Palace of Auburn Hills" during Wednesday's fight witht he Brooklyn Nets. Once again Garnett was fouled hard, and for some reasons Rondo charges in there and takes Kris Humphries by the shoulders and starts driving him back towards the baseline seats. That caused every player from both teams to be involved, the crowd to shout and scream with encouragement and Garnett to be ejected as well, along with Gerald Wallace. It's moments like this that make us increasingly less surprised by what Rondo does while in a basketball jersey.