The loss of former Celtics shooting guard, Ray Allen, to Miami leaves a deep crater within the Celtics bench. If that wasn't bad enough news for the Celtics, the team's projected Opening Night starter, Avery Bradley, now may have his shoulder in a sling when the season begins.

Approximately six weeks after having surgery to repair repeated dislocations of his left shoulder, Bradley will have to endure another procedure on his right shoulder Tuesday at New England Baptist Hospital and may not be ready for the start of the regular season. Team officials said Bradley is progressing well from the left surgery, but had to wait until that shoulder healed enough before have surgery on the right.

 It is unknown when Bradley will be able to participate in basketball activities again, but coach Doc Rivers and president of basketball operations, Danny Ainge, are prepared for Bradley to miss time.

 "I have no idea, I really don't," Rivers said as the team's summer league entry practiced Sunday. "I hear the beginning of the year he'll be back, [or] until mid-December - probably somewhere in-between."

 Because of his defensive prowess and offensive improvement, Avery Bradley took over for Ray Allen as a starter in April of the 2011-2012 season. Avery's potential as the starting shooting guard grew until being sidelined during the Eastern Conference semifinals against the 76ers. His shoulder was dislocated after a collision with the 76ers' Lavoy Allen during Game 5 and the team decided to shut Bradley down for surgery.

Celtics are in desperate need of a shooting guard now that Ray Allen has departed, and Avery Bradley will most likely miss the beginning of the up-coming season.President of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Saturday there is interest in Houston Rockets' free agent, Courtney Lee.

I never thought I'd say that Lee is a "must sign," but I think he is in this situation. He's a proven player who buys in on both ends of the floor, and he has experience with several different teams. Last year, Lee averaged 11.4 points per game. The 26-year-old shooting guard also hit 40 percent of his three-point attempts. His strength lies in his perimeter shooting, but his 6'5'' frame doesn't hurt his ability to get to the rim, either.

 In order for Celtics to acquire Courtney Lee, they would most likely have to do a sign and trade with the Houston Rockets, unless he would accept the veteran's minimum or the biannual exception of $1.95 million. Houston is not interested in re-signing him. The Rockets would sign Lee and trade him to the Celtics for a matching salary.

Right now Courtney Lee is at the top of their interest list. In an ideal world, the Celtics would have enough money to sign Mayo or Williams. Both players would bring more scoring and more excitement, but they don't have the capital to make it happen. Lee is available, capable and fits the Celtics' current plans.