This morning the NFL made an example of the Bounty Gate scandal, Saints head coach Sean Payton and former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams took the brunt of the punishment.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell brought down the ban hammer on Payton and has suspended him for the full 2012 season starting on April 1, 2012. With that date Payton will not be able to take part in the Saints 2012 Draft selections.

After the NFL released the details of the investigation most fans thought the punishment would not be enough and that further action will be necessary in court. I think the commissioner has done his part and put that thinking to ease, as these punishments will make true examples out of these coaches.

Now what about Williams?

The newly hired defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams and former Saints defensive coordinator who brought in the whole bounty program has been described by being suspended "indefinitely". No one knows the full details of the length of that as the details are now being released.

The Saints are also being fined draft picks for the 2012 season as they already traded away this years first round pick, they have been fined two second round picks including this years.

Saints GMMickey Loomis has been suspended eight games along with a six game suspension for the assistant coach. The team has also been dealt with a $500,000 fine.

More details will be revealed today as this is breaking news at the time of writing.