The first game between the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks couldn't have gone any better as it took one round of overtime to determine a winner. 

It was surely worth the wait for Nets fans who had to wait an extra few weeks thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Carmelo Anthony impressed in his Brooklyn homecoming with 35 points, but the Nets defense locked him down when it mattered to force overtime.

In the overtime period, Anthonys' only impact was an offensive foul that clinched yet another home victory for the Nets who are now 7-1 in their new billion dollar arena.

The game had a playoff atmosphere from the start, and although there weren't as many Knicks fans as expected, the crowd was still going back and forth all night long. 

Just as the two teams did, in a game that was tight all night.

This was an important win for the Nets and more importantly their fan base. Nets home games, especially vs the Knicks, now provide a real home-court advantage.

Deron Williams put on a stellar performance scoring 16 points along with 14 assists while Gerald Wallace provided the overtime spark needed to put away the Knicks once and for all.

Brook Lopez had another big game with 22 points and 11 rebounds, proving once again that he is an elite center when healthy.

Overall, the Nets intensity matched the playoff feel this game had to it all night long. The Knicks on the other hand, appeared fatigued by the end of it all, which explains getting outscored 12-5 in the final five minutes.

As the now famous "Brook-Lyn" chants rained down from the stands in the final seconds of the first big win in Brooklyn basketball history, a sense of belief was officially instilled into Nets fans around the world.

If that didn't do it, then Nets CEO Brett Yormarks' tweet had to because it summed up the night perfectly:

"Start believing Brooklyn. You have a team to be proud of. Congrats. More to come."