Can The New York Jets Make A Playoff Push?

It all will start this Sunday in the toughest National Football League stadium to play in at Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are home to the 12th man, and the Jets will quickly realize why. Coming from the AFC, the Jets are only in Seattle once every eight years, therefore they don't really know how much of a home-field advantage the Seahawks possess. At 4-0 at home, with wins against the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots, the Jets have their hands full.

The Seahawks defense fuels that crowd play by play. They get tremendous pressure on the quarterback which allowed them to make Aaron Rodgers look average. Tom Brady did have himself a nice statistical game, but the Seahawks made turnovers and stops when they needed to because of their heavy pressure. 

The Jets offense has held them back year in and year out. Mark Sanchez is slowly showing he's not the man for the job, and the Seahawks defense won't be what the doctor ordered. The Jets offense will have to show a lot of change from the bye week if they want to confuse the Seahawks defense.

Marshawn Lynch leads the Seahawks offense, powered by one of the best offensive lines in football. Russell Wilson faces a lot less pressure because of their ability to run the ball forcing defenses to stack the box. The Jets defense isn't as dominant as the past, but they have proved to be good enough at times throughout the year. The 28th ranked rush defense will need to figure out a way to contain Lynch and prevent any beast mode type runs.

The 2012 Seahawks are a lot like the 2009 Jets. Their rookie Quarterback, Russell Wilson, isn't great but he manages the game and is a lot more dangerous at home rather than on the road. They run the ball as well as anyone in the league, and the defense is as physical as they come.

This though, on paper, is one of the Jets only couple of games that they are expected to lose outright. The remaining schedule after this week includes the Rams, Patriots, Cardinals, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers, and Bills. At 3-5, the Jets, if they clean up a lot of mistakes can compete for a wildcard birth. There is a good chance that this years 6 seed will be 9-7 and if so, the Jets could be right there in the end.

They showed promise in games vs Houston and in New England, but have looked awful in other games. The Jets offense must get some life into them, and the defense will continue to keep them in games.

If the Jets want to make a playoff run, which Antonio Cromartie and Muhammad Wilkerson are so sure that they will do, then they need to prove it beginning this week.

The Jets, coming off of their bye week, must show themselves to be a different team.

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